Friday, November 11, 2016

Almost done!

I took a break from decluttering crafts while I worked on some crafty commitments. Now that they are done and out of the way, I can resume the purging.

I sifted through my fabric pile and mailed out a large envelope to a stranger on Ravelry through a group I'm in- random acts of kindness. People post up their wishes and you fulfill them if you can. I've "met" many wonderful people through this group!

My craft corner started to spill out this week and was noticed by my beloved so I'm taking some serious action. I'm getting closer to my deadline so I must hurry.

I've got two sewing machines to decide between and hoping to drag each one out to play with in order to make a decision. I asked on several boards which one I should keep and was shocked that the majority said to keep the domestic one. My vote was to keep the singer, but after hearing their thoughts, I am now leaning towards the blue one. Of course, I haven't even started sewing with either yet!!

Time to get back to work!

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