Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Crafts part 2.

Today I dumped every craft item out on my bed. Moved the sewing machine cabinet away from the wall since I planned to take it to the flea market tomorrow.

First, I decided to take my clothes from the wooden dresser and switch it to the 3 drawer plastic one. It fit much nicer in there since i downsized it. I put it by my bed. Then I took the new "craft" dresser and placed it at an angle in the corner. I was going to put the machine I do use in that corner but I enjoy looking out the window and having a place to keep the fan on at night.

I decided I would use the top of the dresser as a cutting area. It works better than what I was using. Plus now I have an area to store the ironing board.

Used the curtain to hide the drawers. I started to sort the drawers. I filled an entire trash bag, set items aside for giving away but ran out of time so I shoved everything back in the drawers for tomorrow.

To be continued...

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